Do you remember…

The first time you experienced a huge win?

The first time you overcame a challenge that no one else thought you could?

The first time you lost big, but came out on the other side better and stronger than ever?

These are precious moments. They shape you. They transform you. And they prepare you to use your story in a bigger way.

It’s true - today’s moments shape tomorrow’s realities.

I want more of these incredible moments for you.

It’s why I have dedicated my life to helping others improve theirs.

It’s why I speak, teach, coach, and train on leadership, performance, and growing businesses.

It's why founded Agency Launch to help digital agency owners skyrocket their growth and live the lifestyle they dream of.

It’s why I write books like The Transformational Leader, or appear as a guest on shows around the world.

I believe that your best is yet to come.

Let’s make it happen.

- Matt

Matt's Bio

As a two-time COO and the founder of Agency Launch, Matt has helped lead and scale multiple companies to millions of dollars in record revenue and profitability over the last decade. He currently leads Agency Launch as a coach and advisor, and also serves sporting and outdoor brands as the Chief Operating Officer of Ballistic Agency. With a passion for leadership, building strong teams, and helping founders overcome challenges, Matt continues to help organizations accelerate their growth while also helping individuals develop their leadership potential.

As an experienced coach and public speaker, Matt has been seen and heard in over a dozen countries through appearances on radio, podcasts, and other media outlets.

He resides in the southeast United States with his wife and four children, and enjoys traveling, outdoor fitness, and slinging a few well-timed dad jokes.

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